Medicaid Misconceptions

Medicaid Misconceptions

Medicaid Misconceptions in Mississippi


In many parts of America, especially in places like Mississippi, there seem to be serious Medicaid misconceptions about what it is, does, and whom it affects. The general conception appears to be that Medicaid is for poor families and people who don’t.  However, the facts show that this is just not true.  Medicaid is a much more inclusive program than most people realize, covering approximately 25% of the population of Mississippi.


Why Do We Need Medicaid in Mississippi?


760,609 Mississippians are currently enrolled in Medicaid, and a large percentage of this population consists of the elderly, the disabled, and children. While it is understandable to feel like you can’t control your tax dollars and therefore don’t want to send them off as a “handout” to someone else, you can almost be guaranteed that your Medicaid money is going to a needy population. It is important to ensure care is available for the elderly, disabled, children, and even adults with chronic medical issues; and that is exactly what Medicaid does.


Who is on Mississippi Medicaid?


The Clarion Ledger wrote an article titled “The Who, What, and How Much of Mississippi Medicaid”, and this article works to dispel various Medicaid misconceptions. The article covers topics from anecdotal stories from families that have been helped by Medicaid to the actual Medicaid statistics in Mississippi. The story of the Manning family is one such example. The Manning family is a middle-class family whose eldest daughter Kennedy has Type I diabetes. Even though the father holds a full-time job and the mother works part-time, the family still cannot afford to cover Kennedy’s over $5,000 monthly medical bills. With ever-rising insurance premiums, this is not an uncommon problem for middle class families.

Kennedy is currently enrolled in the state’s Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) which is a branch of Mississippi Medicaid. While this particular population approaches 50,000, the amount of Mississippi children enrolled in Medicaid in general number around 422,239.




What Can I Do?


To ensure that we continue to provide necessary healthcare for children and grandparents through Medicaid, we need to elect the right people. State Representative David Baria is for the full coverage of the elderly, sick children, and the disabled. If you are interested in keeping David Baria in elected office, you can help in a number of ways:

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